AIM Housing

Initial rendering of the apartments

In our mission to train young men and women to take the gospel into the world, a need has arisen; our students need a new place to live while they train. Last year, the apartments where the AIMers lived were sold, and the new owners have significantly raised the rent. We were paying $82,360 a year (this included utilities) for 12 units for our students. This was a significant discount because the previous owners were members of the church, and they saw it as their way of partnering with AIM. We are now paying $104,400 a year plus utilities, and the new owners are raising the rent to $116,000 next year.

Partner with AIM as we seek to build permanent housing for our students! This would put AIM in a place where we don’t have to negotiate prices every year, allow us to have AIMers in a safer location, and prevent us from giving away money year after year. With rent going up, it’s time to have a permanent location.

We were blessed to purchase a property within one mile of the Sunset Church of Christ. This is a step of faith. Presently the land on 39th Street and Salem Avenue has been cleared, and we are waiting for the plans and permits to be finalized. We should break ground at the beginning of June. It should be completed by April 2024. The cost should be about $4.5 million. It will have 20 units that will allow us to have classes of 80 students.

With less than a year to go, we still have $1.8 million remaining to raise. Utility work has begun on the site and progress is beginning to show. We will continue to provide updates as we continue to progress.

Progress on the AIM Apartments 2/21/2024

Update for 2/21/2024

A long-time donor contacted AIM and said that between now and the end of the year March 15th all donations up to $500,000 given toward permanent AIM housing by anyone connected to the AIM family will be matched. As of today, only $139,000 is left to match towards the challenge. What amazing group of donors dedicated to this mission!

Mail checks to Adventures in Missions with a note designating it to AIM Housing Project. You can also give online and choose to fund the AIM Housing Project.

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